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You may wonder why this site is called Two Million Flowers.  When I was training as a bee keeper I learned that a bee would have to visit two million flowers in order to make 1lb of honey.  I was impressed by that. Clearly a single bee doesn’t do it on her own. She has around 70,000 colleagues in the hive who chip in their efforts.  How do they organise that? They communicate brilliantly. They pass messages that are clear and easily understood by all. Their leader, the Queen, rarely encounters them individually and yet her wishes are communicated with remarkable efficiency. Brilliant. When that communication breaks down, they swarm. Recognise any of that?  

That clarity of communication is not too hard for the bee because it is instinctive and they don’t have to think about it.  Add in all the complexity of human thought and communication becomes a much greater challenge. I am a performance coach. I focus on clarity and understanding which enhances awareness and results in greater personal responsibility

Poor communication is at the heart of most challenges faced by individuals and organisations.  Wherever clarity of communication is required, that’s my world.

I work with individuals, groups and organisations to achieving effective performance conversations, personal presentation style & messaging.  I also attempt the quality communication thing myself when I chair and facilitate at conferences, offsites and training events.

Dave Austin.

Conference Chair


Performance Conversations

Spending time with a personal coach can be remarkably valuable.

I work one to one with people from all walks of life from executives to school children.  We discuss everything from delicate career and business decisions to the challenge of applying for a scholarship.

The coach’s role is to ensure high quality conversation which stays focused and allows thought development and personal goal setting.  

The result is clarification of issues and raised awareness of possibilities.

That is how huge performance improvement can be made.   

How well equipped are the people within business structures to effectively manage the performance conversations that they have to have?

Every interaction, every meeting, every relationship hangs on the ability of those involved to:

communicate clearly

take time to understand the other’s reality

generate fresh thinking about problems, relationships and opportunities.

Some find it natural. Most need to work on the skills to gain confidence and understanding of the process.

Conferences and meetings need to be cost effective. Taking all those people out of the business has to be productive or you might as well just have a party.

A well chaired conference stays on track.  

A facilitative conference chair will:

introduce speakers

deal with logistics

collaborate with the producer

make timing decisions

deal with upsets and jolly things along

If any of those things could be tighter at your event let’s talk and and make your next conference even better

Presentation Skills

The ability to stand up in front of a group and be engaging and natural is a rare quality. Everyone has the potential but , like all skills, it is something that needs a bit of work.

Whatever you seek to archive it is likely that at some point you will have to present yourself or a concept to an interview board, committee, conference or other audience.

Spending some time preparing yourself alongside a performance coach who seeks to bring out your individual qualities and help you understand your natural style can be hugely rewarding.

If that coach has a bit of experience to bring with a few simple tips for success in structuring your message and bringing the best you to the day, all to the good.

Media Awareness

Personal Confidence Confidenceidenceoaching

It’s a tough world for youngsters.  So many lose out because of their inability to show their true character and demonstrate confidence be it scholarship interviews, job applications or, when they get older, their first day at work, first appraisal or promotion.

Some people are born with huge personal confidence, most have to find it, sometimes too late

Spending some time considering how you impact others can be very valuable and usually very enjoyable and inspiring.

No one is too young or old to give some time to their self image.

Many people are called upon to speak to the media.  For some it is a daily occurrence, others may suddenly be thrust into the spotlight.  

How prepared are you or your team for that event?

As a former broadcaster and journalist, I can put you under pressure to discover how you perform. We can examine the techniques the pros use and prepare you to deal with them. You will be filmed, take part in radio interviews and understand how the press create and work stories so you can make sure your message gets across.

My thanks to Mark Smith who sent me this fun thank you after a day session during which he made remarkable progress.