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What rating would you give your leaders or colleagues for their ability to challenge behaviour effectively?  When and how did you last evaluate their conversational capability?

Thinking of specific members of your leadership population, what would you score each of them out of 10 for their ability to pay attention to others, generate genuine thought in them and be mentally agile throughout their conversations?  

And then consider if they all improved, even by just a few percent, what would be the cumulative organisational benefits?

Imagine each of your leadership population being just 10% more skilled in their capability at using everyday conversations and interactions to cause others to think through issues, to become more aware of what really matters, and to take appropriate ownership and responsibility.  

What would the impact on organisational performance be?

Experience tells us that the three day programme is necessary to see real skill growth and measurable change in the participants.  We can offer shorter programmes but inevitably the effectiveness is reduced.  Call and speak to me about your needs and we I can recommend the best option for you. For larger programmes I have trusted colleagues who are skilled in the process so larger numbers can be accommodated.

FAQs answered about the Effective Performance Conversations programme.


What is it?

A most innovative and engaging programme that increases the competence and confidence to use everyday conversation to maximise performance and development.  Having the skill to use conversations, however brief, to raise awareness by generating real thought in others leads to higher levels of personal responsibility for delivery and development.


Who is it for?

Often used within a culture change context, Performance Conversations is for anyone serious about constantly improving performance and enhancing their ability to develop those around them. 


What makes Performance Conversations so effective?

A unique blend of 3 core principles.

What does our focus on the individual look like?


What is the programme format?

Our maximum ratio of coach to participants is 1:6 which promotes high levels of disclosure, group cohesion, and a willingness to try some very challenging conversations.  There is also the added benefit of there being no hiding place.  This programme does not carry passengers!

Clients we have worked with include:

BAE Systems

LV Insurance

Brighton & Sussex University Hospital

Lambeth, Richmond & Sutton Councils

Performance Conversations