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My services as a presentation coach are used in many different ways.  Often it is ahead of a large conference or event.  I will be booked to work with one or more individuals to prepare them for the day and clarify their presentation flow.  Sometimes we will work with delivery, sometimes we look at the content.  Sometimes both. I’m happy either way.

I very much enjoy working with individuals away from the pressure of a specific presentation.  We examine the areas that give them a challenge and work out strategies to overcome them.  Maybe it’s a media situation and we can work on radio or TV technique.  Sometimes it’s dealing with small groups of peers that stress them and we can focus on that.

I always seek to release the presenter within rather than trying to mould them to my own way.  I have yet to meet someone who didn’t have an engaging and natural personality lurking within.  They don’t all know how to make it show up when under pressure. We can fix that!

I also do small group work for companies so if you would like your team to focus on getting their message across we can build a workshop that will address their needs.

Clients include:

Senior executive from HP

Senior executive from NICEIC

Executive board from major pharmaceutical & motor companies

Senior team from government departments and the NHS

Clearly as confidentiality is very important in this work so I can’t give you more detail.

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