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Studio environments are quite scary places when you aren’t used to them.

Even these days when cameras are on every phone and people happily pose for selfies and do ‘pieces to camera’ for You Tube, being faced with professional news crew is quite a daunting prospect.  All too often in business, when the unexpected or unfortunate happens, it may be the first available person who gets thrust into the media glare and has to make a statement.

Recently I worked with an executive who found himself having to defend his organisation when one of their members caused a death by professional negligence.

Being prepared for such eventualities can pay huge dividends.  It’s not particularly difficult, it just requires the application of a few simple guidelines and a bit of practice.  That is best done in the safe environment of a private session with someone who knows the ropes.  

We would …

explore the areas you are likely to be required to deal with and film you under increasingly difficult pressure situations and then watch the results and notice what happens.

Record radio interviews and conduct press interviews, testing your ability to ensure you get your version of events to the fore and don’t say things that could be used and abused by editors.

You get a record of everything so can review it after the event and use it for reference.

Whatever you need we can build the day around you and, if required, your team.  I’ll make sure there is plenty of tips and input from my experience plus lots of anecdotal examples of good and poor practice.  It’s a load pf fun and you will discover a lot about yourself.  Give me a call to chat about your need and we’ll take it from there.

Media Awareness